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Laser Reflection STEM Law of light DIY Kit Kids Science Experiments

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Hey there! Let's talk about something really cool: how light behaves when it hits a mirror and what happens with lasers!

Reflection Law of Light

Imagine you have a shiny mirror. When you shine a flashlight at the mirror, the light bounces off. This is called reflection! The way the light bounces off follows a simple rule called the **law of reflection**. Here's the rule in easy words: the angle at which the light hits the mirror is the same as the angle at which it bounces off. It's like playing catch with a ball against a wall; it bounces back the same way it came in!

Specular Reflection with a Laser

Now, let's talk about lasers and something called **specular reflection**. Specular reflection is when light, like from a laser, hits a smooth surface and bounces off in a clear and organized way, just like a flashlight on a shiny mirror.

Optional Cool Laser Experiment

1. What You Need:
- A small laser pointer (make sure to have an adult help with this).
- A small mirror.
- A piece of white paper.

2. What to Do:
- Shine the laser pointer at the mirror.
- Watch how the laser beam bounces off the mirror and makes a dot on the paper.
- Move the mirror a little and see how the laser dot on the paper moves too.

3. What Students Learn:
- The laser beam bounces off the mirror in a straight line.
- The angle where the laser hits the mirror is the same as the angle where it bounces off.

This shows you the law of reflection in action and how specular reflection makes the light behave in a very organized way!

Have fun experimenting with light and mirrors!


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